Activate provident fund should hit the iron while hot | Provident Fund

Activate provident fund should hit the iron while hot | Provident Fund

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  Original title: activation of provident fund should strike iron while hot

   Source: Beijing Commercial Daily

June30 On three days, the Beijing Housing Provident Fund Management Center issued three notices in succession to launch a number of measures to benefit the people: First, individuals who used housing provident fund loans to buy second-hand housing in Beijing since September last year 16 No evaluation fees will be paid on the day, The refunded amount will be refunded; secondly, the method of withdrawing loan repayments will be added. The balance of the provident fund account can be used directly to repay the loan, and no longer need to be withdrawn to the fixed account for repayment; Quality application form.

  Reduce the cost of loans and simplify the withdrawal procedures. The New Deal has obvious intentions. In the context of the epidemic “Black Swan”, this policy logic was implemented from the beginning of the year to the middle of the year. Since the beginning of this year, the pace of updating the provident fund policy has continued to increase. In addition to Beijing, in addition to allowing companies to postpone the housing provident fund to reduce the burden on the enterprise, all localities have moved to adjust the scope of the provident fund withdrawal, the amount of withdrawal and loan application conditions.

   For a long time, there has been a constant call for provident fund reform. To some extent, the epidemic has accelerated the pace of reform. However, compared to 07 The accumulated ills formed in the past years still have a long way to go.

   For example, persistent problems such as low loan amount, small scope of application, and inconvenient application have always plagued the needy family. According to the latest data, in 2019 years, the number and amount of housing provident fund withdrawals were relatively There was more than double-digit growth last year. But the extraction rate is 68. %, less than last year 1.34%. As of the end of 2019, the balance of the provident fund deposit still reached 6.5 trillion yuan.

   The use efficiency is low, to a certain extent, the provident fund has become a tasteless food, and it is a pitiful “chicken rib”. Although, with the Central Government’s clear proposal to “reform the housing provident fund system” in mid-May, the dispute over saving and abolition came to an end, but the concerns of Huang Qifan were a springboard for in-depth reform.

   From the moment, the deferred or reduced payment ratio and convenient application and withdrawal process have a positive role in hedging the epidemic situation and even reviving the provident fund, which is worthy of recognition. But the pace of reforms does not stop there. In the recent debate, the role of the provident fund system in improving the housing conditions of the residents is obvious to all, and its existing problems and defects have also been fully studied.

   Nowadays, reform needs to strike the iron while it is hot, seize the opportunity period, and work hard to push it in depth. For example, the difficulty of extraction and the narrow scope of application imply the shortcomings of the provident fund management system, and the reality of localized management and the artificial mobility of employment are increasingly incompatible. In 2017, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has started to establish a national platform for the transfer of housing provident funds in different places. Make remote extraction possible. But in the course of execution, there are still levels. To deepen reforms, we must move towards this fragmented state and establish information sharing and policy coordination between cities.

  Furthermore, returning to the original intention of establishing the provident fund system, we should see that the purpose of the system design is to solve the housing problem of residents. Liu Zhifeng, the former deputy minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, once mentioned the paradox of “demand group mismatch”. The employees of state organs and institutions are large depositors but most of them have solved the housing problem, while private enterprise employees, young workers and migrant workers are just-needed groups. But many are not included in the system coverage.

The longer the problem is dragged on, the more difficult the reform will be. To avoid overwhelming accumulation, reform should be done sooner rather than later. Solving the above problems means simultaneously starting from multiple dimensions such as the loan amount and the proportion of deposits and deposits, and adopting policies according to the city and people to make the system advance with the times. In the latest debate, proposals such as the dual-track system and financial reform have given people room for imagination.

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