Mid-year planning丨Sports world, budding hope in struggle and chaos

  When the helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant crashed in Calabasas, it was considered the darkest moment in the world of sports.


Information map: Kobe retires

   never thought that the fall of the superstar was just the beginning of this “sports year” nightmare.

  Under the new crown epidemic, if you must find a keyword for the world sports in the first half of the year, there is nothing more relevant than “alive”.

  ”2020, just alive”. This is true for major events, sports organizations, and the entire sports world.


Information map: Tokyo, Japan, Odaiba Waterfront Park displays the Olympic rings.

  The Olympic Games, which is held every four years, is a scale for sportsmen to mark time. But the “Olympic Year”, which was originally waiting for the hard work and the fruits of sweat, was full of the helplessness and helplessness of the broken arm to survive. Compared with the cruel reality, the beautiful hope is like a cloud of mud and tears.

  Under the powerful oppression of the epidemic, the long-running International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee finally made the decision to postpone the Olympic Games. This is the first time in a century.

   For all the players who have prepared for a long time, especially for the old athletes who insisted on clenching their teeth, the impact of the Olympic postponement is definitely not just another year of struggle.


Data map: The main stadium of the Tokyo Olympics.

  Just like the popular Japanese star Rinsha in the volleyball circle, due to injuries and other reasons, she decided to retire after the Olympics postponed. As 947 The hero who helped the Japanese women’s volleyball team to return to the Olympic podium, “Tokyo 2020” was her career within reach ‘S last dream can now be turned into a regret that is hard to make up for a lifetime.

  I don’t know how long Xinsha Lisha has weighed repeatedly, and how much unwillingness and helplessness are wrapped in it, before finally making up his mind. We missed the Olympics near our doorstep. Although we can’t fully empathize, we can understand the meaning of the word “despair” in her words.

  Like Xinguo Lisha, some people’s Olympic dreams have also shattered, which is difficult to achieve.


Information map: Tokyo Olympics postponed

  However, their tears and circumstances may not be able to splash much ripples.

   is not only affected by the tens of thousands of athletes. This unprecedented change in the history of the Olympics in the past century has brought unprecedented trouble and huge losses of trillions of yen. The cold astronomical figures, like a heavy punch, hitting the nearly overwhelmed world sports system, were involved in more than ten million.

  Even if the added value of radiation is set aside, the negative impact of the Olympic Games as the highest hall in the world sports field is actually the ruthless consumption of the entire international sports organization system from top to bottom.


Announcement of Zilina Club on liquidation of assets.

  Football, as the world’s first sport, is less affected by the delay of the Olympic Games. FIFA, with a solid foundation, has also made its first move to support it.

   Rao is so, and still “heavy dead”.

  The league is closed, the team is closed, and the huge broadcast contract cannot be fulfilled. For a time, the salary can be reduced to be lucky.

   So the big clubs with thousands of fans have introduced the New Deal to save themselves, and the small teams in the small leagues have tightened their belts in order to survive this winter.


    The ten-time champion of Chinese football, died silently. Data map:1990 In the year, Liao Football won the Asian Club Cup (predecessor of the Asian Championship). Image source: Osports All Sports Pictures

  If it is resisted, it will have to be peeled in the end; if it cannot resist, It’s dust for a few years of your history.

  Like the Slovak team Zilina, this century-old European football store is completely lost in the storm. On the other side of the ocean, more than a dozen Chinese professional teams echoed away, and the smoke disappeared in one place.

   is not unique, very professional, can breed a wealth of sports (Federer lived in Forbes for more than 100 million US dollars) 2020 Athletes top the income list) tennis, also Facing flood-like shocks.

  In April this year, foreign media said that Wang Qiang and coach Thomas had differences on salary issues during the epidemic, and the report even said that Thomas had to make money to support his family by sending pizza. Although the two have clarified the matter and reached a consensus, “sending pizza” is not groundless. Thomas did say, “If I really get to the point where I need to deliver pizza, I will do it, everything is just for life.”


Dennis-Novikov social media screenshot.

  Thomas, who has worked with Grand Slam champions, is already a well-known coach in the industry. This is still true of him, not to mention the coaches and players who are still persevering although they are unknown. Like Denis Novikov, an ordinary American athlete who failed to play many games on the field, he was known to more people because he had to open a car to make a living.

  Behind the absurdity is the cruel truth.

   No games, no bonuses, no income, no survival…all of this can happen in any corner of the world.

  In life, there are no bystanders. In such a large environment, Novikov’s helplessness is the epitome of all ordinary practitioners.

data map: Djokovic<a target='_blank' href='http://www.chinanews.com/' rel=China News AgencyPhotographer Yin Liqin” src=”http://i2.chinanews.com/simg/cmshd/2020/06/30/ddecfc3ce34743a69ca0463a4a561d1c.jpg” title=”Information: DjokovicChina News AgencyReporter Yin Liqin”>

Data map: DjokovicChina News AgencyPhoto by reporter Yin Liqin

  Like Thomas and Novikov, tennis people all over the world are looking forward to the day when the game will resume. However, the absurdity of the Adria Tour Exhibition is like a big pot of ice water, and a brain is poured on these ordinary people who have tried their best to survive.

  The cases of cluster infections that occurred in this exhibition match have risen to double digits and are still fermenting. The macro policies of major tennis organizations cannot be left unaffected. Perhaps Djokovic’s original intention to host the game was with good intentions, but this did not excuse the consequences of today’s results.

  Although Djokovic has donated several times after the outbreak and also publicly apologized, the tennis world and the entire sports world are now full of resentment and dissatisfaction with his hasty actions. Djokovic could have used his influence to help fight the epidemic, but the result was only chaos. The resentment and anger directed at him is actually a desire for survival.


European Cup extension

   This is still true of football and tennis, not to mention others. Even if various international sports individual organizations are willing to share the difficulties with their subordinate associations, it is difficult for a woman to cook without rice. There are not many people lining up to ask the International Olympic Committee for money, and hope that it will advance the Olympic Games dividend in advance. Looking forward to “Tokyo (******************************************” ” for them, this time is really serious.

   is not only an international competition, but also domestic sports events in various countries have to choose to postpone or cancel. From the Olympic Games to the European Cup, to the Japanese National Sports Conference, there are no exceptions. Descriptions such as “first in history” and “not seen in a hundred years” are no longer eye-catching words, but are as common as eating.

   can be accompanied by hard work that is difficult to count. It is the painstaking effort and the unprecedented blow.


Athletics World Championships rescheduled

   So the top executives of various sports organizations have successively lowered their salaries, and then lowered their salaries until the two outsiders felt numb. In the case of a decline in external investment due to the epidemic, everyone tried their best to tighten the money, just to survive.

  How long is this dark tunnel and how long will it take? There is no answer, only perseverance.

   But on the bumpy and muddy way forward, sportsmanship is like the light at the end of the tunnel, bringing hope.

   Just a few days ago, Liverpool won the team’s first Premier League championship, and the dreams of several generations finally came into reality. Compared to the joy of success and the overwhelming praise, an even more impressive is an open letter from coach Klopp to the fans.


Liverpool won the championship. Image source: Liverpool Club Official Micro

   “If there is no epidemic, I am very happy to celebrate with everyone, but this is impossible. To fight the epidemic, we have to do a lot, and our previous efforts cannot be wasted. We have to do the right thing, we Heart to heart, but now need to separate to support each other.”

   Klopp said that he hopes Liverpool fans stay at home as much as possible to help prevent epidemic. Nothing is more proud of him than this.

  I think this is the meaning of irreplaceable sports.

    资料图:中国女篮赛后与球迷一同高呼“武汉加油”。 图片来源:Osports全体育图片社

    Information picture: Chinese women’s basketball team shouted “Wuhan Cheering” with fans after the game. Image source: Osports All Sports Pictures

   is like Liverpool inspiring its fans all over the world. In this unsuccessful Olympic year, the Chinese Women’s Basketball Team, Chinese Women’s Football Team, Sui Wenjing/ Han Cong, Ren Ziwei, Zhang Weili, Xu Jingkun… Chinese sports athletes are also inspiring Chinese with their spirits.

Ten days ago, the CBA rematch. At that time, Yao Ming said: “As the first large-scale national sports event to be restarted in China, the CBA rematch is of strategic significance for the comprehensive promotion of resumption of production and restoration of life, and its social impact has exceeded the basketball itself.”

  One month ago, the Chinese climbed Mount Everest for the first time, and the human climbed Mount Everest from the north slope for the first time 60 On the anniversary, 2020Everest height measurement mountaineering team Yu Wanzhong looked forward to the success of the summit and remeasured the third pole of the world.

资料图:5月27日,2020珠峰高程测量登山队队员在峰顶开展测量工作。新华社特约记者 扎西次仁 摄

Data map: May 27day,2020 Mount Everest surveying team members carried out the survey work at the peak. Special correspondent of Xinhua News Agency, Tashi Tsering

  At such a special moment, it is difficult to complete the height measurement of Mount Everest on schedule. The mountaineering spirit inherited by the warriors is far more than the sport itself, and the Chinese are also excited.

  When the five-star red flag fluttered again on the summit of Everest, when Sui Wenjing/Han Cong in front of the camera led the audience to refuel for Wuhan, as one-armed captain Xu Jingkun completed the voyage around the world…

  I think this is the spiritual core of sports transmission.


Data Map: Sui Wenjing Han Cong

  Kobe Bryant confessed in his life that even if he has the ability to turn back time, he will never use it, because it will make all the moments he experienced meaningless and make life lose its charm and splendor. Those unique feelings that will never be repeated are the true meaning of life.

  In the past 6 months, unprecedented, the world sports are turbulent in various uncertainties; in the next 6 months, as Japan rises, the hope of recovery is sprouting in the setback.

  Those who cannot kill you will eventually make you stronger.

   (author Yue Chuan)

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