News analysis: the epidemic situation rose to “10 million” level cooperation in anti-epidemic is the way out

   Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 30 Daily NewsNews analysis: the epidemic rose to “thousands” “Ten thousand” level cooperation is the way out

   Xinhua News Agency reporter

  World Health Organization 29 confirmed on the day that the confirmed cases of the new crown have broken through 1000 Ten thousand cases. Experts believe that this indicates that the current global anti-epidemic situation is still relatively severe. It is expected that the epidemic will continue for some time before the advent of the relevant vaccine. In the face of great challenges, human society can only overcome difficulties through solidarity and cooperation.

  Diagnosed cases will rise

   WHO Director-General Tan Desai 29 said that the new crown epidemic is spreading globally. The organization’s data shows that in the first month of the outbreak, less than 10,000 confirmed cases were reported globally, and about 400 10,000 cases were reported in the most recent month. The number of cases rose from 900 million to 1000 million in just 5 days.

   “Before large-scale vaccination, it is expected that the number of confirmed cases will continue to rise.” Xu Xiaoning, a professor of human immunology at Imperial College London, told Xinhua.

  Wuinović 29, the WHO representative in Russia, said that the public can be Before the group with good immunity, humans are expected to “fight this virus for one year to one and a half years”.

  Brendan Rain, a professor of medical microbiology at the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine at the University of London, said that before the advent of the vaccine, due to the global )% of the population are not immune to the new corona virus, “the new pandemic pandemic will continue.”

  Chen Xi, associate professor of global health policy and economics at Yale University in the United States, said that the growth rate of confirmed cases worldwide continues to rise, and the epidemic situation is very serious. At present, human beings are experiencing globalization with insufficient global governance, which has exposed human society’s vulnerability to major infectious diseases.

  Unity and anti-epidemic are more necessary

  Multinational experts believe that the epidemic situation has exceeded the “10 million” level, which highlights the necessity of global solidarity against the epidemic.

  Ryan said that the development of the new crown vaccine requires the joint efforts of all countries in the world, because to know whether the new vaccine is effective, it needs to be tested in areas where the virus transmission is still very active, which means that a vaccine can be made but the case In a few countries, the vaccine may need to be tested in a country with a severe epidemic.

  Chen Xi believes that countries can strengthen cooperation in case tracking and detection, scientific research information and sharing of prevention and control experience, and some of China’s experience in anti-epidemic can be used for reference.

  Xu Xiaoning said that the epidemic situation in China and other countries is relatively well controlled, indicating that the epidemic prevention ideas are correct, that is, the effective implementation of prevention and control measures such as maintaining social distance, controlling crowd flow, and strengthening detection and tracking capabilities.

  Since the outbreak, China has always actively carried out international cooperation in prevention and control, including sharing experience in epidemic prevention with relevant organizations and countries, strengthening international cooperation in the research and development of antiviral drugs and vaccines, and providing assistance within its capacity to other countries and regions where the outbreak has occurred. . The Ministry of Science and Technology of China introduced in March this year that all five domestic vaccine development technology routes that are simultaneously promoted in China are open to the outside world, and cooperate with the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

  Sergey Nosov, Director of the Asian, African and Latin American Department of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, said recently that China has provided important assistance to Russia in responding to the epidemic, and in terms of anti-epidemic, “China has become our main cooperation partner”.

  Cooperative development is the way out

  The rare epidemic has hit global development. The latest issue of the “Global Economic Outlook” report released by the World Bank recently shows that, affected by the new crown epidemic, it is expected that 2020 the global economy will decline by 5.2% this year. This will be since World War II. The worst economic recession.

  As the epidemic continues to spread, how to balance epidemic prevention and development has become a difficult problem facing many countries. Some countries and regions have rebounded after relaxing epidemic prevention measures and have to tighten their measures again.

  The fight against the epidemic is inseparable from international cooperation, and the promotion of development also requires international cooperation. China’s G20 leaders’ response to the New Crown Pneumonia Special Summit in March this year advocated “strengthening international macroeconomic policy coordination”, proposing that countries implement effective and effective fiscal and monetary policies, maintain global financial market stability, and maintain global industry The supply chain is stable.

   For a while, China has established “express channels” with South Korea, Germany, Myanmar and other countries while discussing the prevention and control of its own epidemic situation, and discussed with various parties to deepen pragmatic cooperation in various fields such as the construction of the “Belt and Road”. Gradually restore the necessary personnel exchanges, make overall arrangements to promote foreign exchanges, and work with international partners to promote global development with practical actions. (Note holder: Guo Yang; participating reporters: Zhang Jiawei, Luan Hai, Tan Jingjing, Zhou Xingzhu, Zhang Yirong, Wang Xiaopeng)

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