The film industry shuts down, TV shows are popular… The ice and fire of the 2020 film and television circle

  Zhongxin.comClient Beijing July 1 (Yuan Xiuyue) A sudden epidemic disrupted 2020 The established track of the year, reviewing the film and television dramas in the first half of the year, changes and challenges become high-frequency vocabulary .

   TV dramas have ushered in new changes. In the first quarter, the ratings of satellite TV rose sharply, and in the second quarter, online dramas frequently broke out. The film industry is facing challenges. Many blockbuster films have been postponed, movie theaters have closed, and online movies have risen against the trend.


“New World” poster

  “Anjia” sets the first half of the ratings record

  Many dramas go high and low

   A “Ying Yu Nian” for 714 New Year’s picture with a perfect period, also give 2020 The year has a good start. In January, a number of TV series such as “New World”, “The Next Stop is Happiness” and “Unparalleled Pride” were broadcast on TV, and the ratings were good.

   In February, affected by the epidemic, many viewers returned to the big TV screen to chase dramas, and the TV ratings increased substantially. According to “China Audiovisual Big Data” (CVB) statistics, 897 The average daily viewing time of households in the first quarter of the year increased by half an hour. among them,15 The prime time TV drama ratings exceed 1%. After entering the second quarter, the ratings have dropped.


Poster of “An Jia”

  Among them, the highest ratings were “Anjia” starring Sun Li and Luo Jin. The highest rating of a single episode broke 4%, setting a new high for the first half of the TV series. Although it is a remake, the play has been localized in the story structure and character settings. In addition to presenting the work of real estate agents, many social topics have been introduced in the play, causing widespread discussion.

   “Elite Lawyer”, “If you can look back” and “Perfect Relationship”, the ratings are good, but you are faced with the dilemma of “calling a seat or not.” Douban score does not exceed 6 points.


“Qing Ping Le” poster

   In the first half of the year, there were several major dramas, including “New World” starring Sun Honglei and Zhang Luyi, “Qing Ping Le” and “Hunting Fox” by Wang Kai, and “Trident” starring Chen Jianbin, Dong Yong and Hao Ping.

  The production team and cast lineup of these dramas are not bad. But unfortunately, in the end, they all fell into the curse of “half of good drama”, and Douban scored frequently. “New World” fell from 8.2 points to 5.7 points, “Qing Ping Le” fell from 7.8 points to 6.5 points, “Hunting Fox” fell from 8.0 points to 7.1 points, and “Trident” fell from 8.3 points to 7.7 points.


“Hunting Fox” poster

   Behind this is the “old problem” of domestic dramas. The plot is flooded, the rhythm is slow, and the plot is protracted. It seems that good directors and good screenwriters are more rare than good actors.

   In addition, this year’s rural theme drama also ushered in a small peak, “the most beautiful village” “flowers and leaves” “one can’t be lacking” “where we start the dream” “green water and green mountains with a smile”, etc. The ratings of many dramas are in the forefront.


“Trident” poster

  “Secret Corner” Blaze

  Internet dramas show a trend of quality

  From “Bai Ye Chasing the Murder”, “Unintentional Master” and “Yanxi Raiders” to “Chen Qingling” and “Twelve Hours of Chang’an”… In recent years, online dramas are becoming more and more influential. 2020 In the first half of the year, online drama The advantages and characteristics of the company have also further emerged.

  In terms of length, short plays are more and more popular. “I am Yu Huan Shui”, “10 Days Game” and “Secret Corner” are 12 Episode, “Longling Cave”, “I don’t want to be your friend”, “Rumored Chen Qianqian” are in 20 Around the set, “Tanbian is not Begonia Red”, “blame you for being too beautiful” and “under the Jinyi” are more than 30set.


“I am Yu Huan Shui” poster

   is also rich in themes. In addition to the three major types of youth, suspense, and grave robbing, there are realistic themes that express the mid-life crisis, agent workplace dramas, costume light comedies, and time dramas.

The overall quality of    Internet dramas has improved, and the quality of refined products has shown a general trend. The above-mentioned online drama Douban scores are above 7 points, the highest is “The Secret Corner”, reaching 8.9 points. Some netizens commented that many of the online drama’s photography, narrative techniques, and service channels all have a film texture. Due to space limitations and the different tastes of the online generation audience, the rhythm of online dramas is also relatively compact. For example, “The Hidden Corner” also breaks the method of diversity by time, and manages with the climax of the plot, full of suspense.


“The Secret Corner” poster

  The play was created by the original cast of the online drama “The Crime of Undocumentedness”. Qin Hao, Wang Jingchun, Zhang Songwen, Liu Lin and other talents starred. The story is beyond the suspense, and it also takes care of the youth’s growing psychology. problem.

   behind the hot web drama is the reshuffle of the film and television industry, some new, non-traditional small and medium-sized film and television companies are emerging, such as the Wannian Film Industry behind “The Secret Corner”, and the five behind the “10th Game” Meta-culture, the stellar gravity behind “blame you for being too beautiful”, as well as Xin Peng Media, Blank Movies, and Deep Blue Movies.


Poster of “Chen Qian Qian Rumor”

  Multiple blockbusters postponed

  The film industry suffered a setback

   affected by the epidemic, since January 23 From now on, including “Exploring Chinatown” Case 3, “Championship”, including the Spring Festival film all withdrawn. The cinema closed, and cinemas in the first half of the year were temporarily closed.

  In the films released, the box office ranked at the forefront are “Pampering”, “Ye Wen 4: The Ending”, “Manslaughter”, “I Sacrifice for You” and “Transformed Agent”. According to Cat Eye Professional Edition data, as of June 29day,2020 The annual gross domestic box office movie reached 22 billion yuan.

   The film industry suffered a serious setback. In the first quarter of this year, many listed companies such as Beijing Culture, Huayi Brothers, Wanda Film and others were in a state of loss, and a large number of film and television companies went bankrupt, and many film and television practitioners faced unemployment.


Poster of Detective Chinatown 3

   The epidemic also caused a huge impact on the overseas film industry. The Oscar award ceremony was postponed. “Mulan”, “Creed” “0(********************” : No time to die”, “Black Widow”, “Wonder Woman” and many other Hollywood blockbuster movies have been released.

   Some movies have begun to try a new distribution method-network broadcast. For example, “囧妈” directed by Xu Zheng collaborated with ByteDance and premiered online for free. The movie “Fat Dragon Crossing the River” starring Donnie Yen and Wang Jing also cooperated with the video website for paid broadcast. In addition, the Disney musical “Hamilton”, the Warner movie “Scooby Dog”, and the Paramount company comedy “Love Bird” are all screened online.


“Mulan” poster

  Online movies are rising against the trend

  “Qi Men Dun Jia” set box office record

   Against this background, online movies have also ushered in new development opportunities. According to the Tencent video, iQiyi, and Youku online movie box office list released by Cat Eye Professional Edition, in the first half of this year, it exceeded 30 The online movie division has a box office of more than 10 million yuan. Among them, “Qi Men Dun Jia” topped the list, with more than 4277 Ten thousand yuan, refresh the online movie box office record, “The Ghost Story: Human Love” also has more than 4200 Ten thousand yuan.

   In the past, online movies always gave the impression of “produce roughness, similar subject matter, and rub the ball”. With the development of the industry, online movies are gradually moving from barbaric growth to “reducing quality”.


“Qi Men Dun Jia” broke the box office record

last year10 Month, “Internet Movie” It was officially renamed “Internet Movies”, which not only has industry recognition but also requirements for its content. In the first half of the year, many well-known actors entered online movies, such as Yu Zhen and Pan Changjiang in Forensic Song Ci, Luo Jialiang in Giant Crocodile Island, and Chen Xingxu, Li Kaixin, and Yuanhua in Ghost Story: Human Love.


“Ghost Story: Human Love” poster

  However, the quality of online movies still has a lot of room for improvement. The highest box office “Qimen Dunjia” Douban scored 5.5 points, “Ghost Story: Human Love” was 4.9 points, and most online movies were passed. Below the line.

   In the short term, due to the epidemic, the audience and practitioners who come into contact with online movies may increase. But in the long run, content is still the first, and the transformation of online movies also needs to break from within. (Finish)

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