my country's refinery produces high-purity hydrogen for the first time, and the cost of hydrogen for fuel cells is expected to drop

Original title: my country’s refinery produces high-purity hydrogen for the first time, and the cost of hydrogen for fuel cells is expected to drop

September23 Day, ownsSinopecThe first high-purity hydrogen production demonstration device with independent knowledgeproperty rightsPetrochemical successfully put into production. This device uses lowcostrefining equipment by-product hydrogen as raw material, and produces fuel cell vehicles with highQualityHydrogen, for the first time the refinery by-product hydrogen is purified to 99.999%. Thenational standardof hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles is 99.97%.

  The relevant person in charge of Sinopecintroduced to reporters that the cost of hydrogen is for fuel cell vehiclesOne of the bottlenecks of commercialization.

   China Energy Network Chief Information Officer Han Xiaoping also reported to the Beijing NewsshellThe financial reporter said that hydrogen fuel itself does not exist in nature. It is necessary to electrolyze water and then store hydrogen energy, which is costly.

  According to the introduction, at present, there are mainly water electrolysis hydrogen production, fossil energy hydrogen production andindustryThree hydrogen production methods of by-product hydrogen. Among them, by-product hydrogen is a common by-product in the production process of oil refining and chemical industriesproducts, Has the advantages of low cost and abundant resources. Using by-product hydrogen as raw material to produce hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles can effectively reduce the cost of hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles. However, the purity of by-product hydrogen is low and the composition is complex. How to make it meet the strict fuel requirements The hydrogen standard for battery vehicles is an industry problem.

   To further reduce costs and promote the development of the hydrogen energyindustry,Sinopecuses low-cost refining system by-product hydrogen as raw material to develop a complete set of high-quality hydrogen for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles Production technology and successfully achieved industrial demonstration, the purity will be approximately 90% of the by-product hydrogen of the refining unit is purified to 99.999%.

   The first demonstration device was successfully applied in Gaoqiao Petrochemical, and the operation results showed thatinvestmentLess, small footprint, low energy consumption and other advantages, for the later stagemodularizationEnlargement and large-scale production lay a solid foundation, which will strongly promote the reduction of hydrogen costs for fuel cell vehicles, and increase hydrogen production andSupply capacity.

   The above-mentioned relevant person in charge stated that after the technology becomes more mature, the proportion and amount of cost savings will be announced.

   In the near future, fuel cells have been blowing policy warm air frequently.

June17 On the day, the General Office of Shandong Provincial Government issued the “Shandong Province Hydrogen Energy Industry Medium and Long-term Development Plan (-2030”, a total of 10,000 fuel cell vehicles have been promoted, and fuel cell vehiclesMotivationhas a production capacity of 50,000 units and a vehicle production capacity of 20,000 units.

   On September 8, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology released the “Beijing Hydrogen Fuel Cell VehicleIndustrial DevelopmentPlanning (2020-2025 years)”, proposed to strive 2025 The cumulative promotion of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles exceeded 10,000 years ago.

September21 On the same day, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other five departments issued the “Notice on the Demonstration and Application of Fuel Cell Vehicles” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”). The purchase subsidy policy for fuel cell vehicles has been adjusted to a fuel cell vehicle demonstration application support policy, which is key to the development of fuel cell vehicles in eligible city groupsCore technologyIndustrializationProvide rewards for key research and demonstration applications, and form a new model of fuel cell vehicle development with reasonable layout, different priorities and coordinated advancement.

   “Hydrogen fuel cells are more environmentally friendly and have a relatively long driving range. Compared with electric vehicles, they are not affected by high altitude and cold, which are advantages.” Han Xiaoping, Chief Information Officer of China Energy NetworkShellfinancial reporter said that Japan and Germany are currently promoting related technologies , Our country is unwilling to be in a new round oftraffictechnology Behind the revolution, so more policies were introduced to carry outguarantee.

   He said that there are currently many technical routes for obtaining hydrogen fuel, not necessarily through hydrogen refueling stations, but also through methanol and ethanol. They are still in the exploratory stage. The reason why our country needs demonstration applications in various places.

  ” Under the promotion of the government, there have been more and more private enterprisesEnterprisesparticipate in this industry”, Han Xiaoping said, this is also to form a largerThe marketlaid the foundation. However, he reminded that the threshold for hydrogen fuel cells is relatively high. Once an explosion occurs, the consequences will be very serious. Private enterprises must control various aspects such as management and technology in order to develop the industry.

   Sinopec said that in recent years, Sinopec has accelerated its deployment in the hydrogen energy industry, and it has been developing hydrogen refueling stations, hydrogen production technology, hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen storage materials and other fieldsjobs. Sinopec 2019 year Hydrogen production exceeds 300 million tons, accounting for 14%; in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places, several oil-hydrogen combined demonstration stations have been built and put into use. As 2020 Beijing Winter Olympics Will’sStrategicpartner , Sinopec has also cooperated with the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee on the supply of hydrogen energy.

(Source: Beijing News)

(Editor in charge: DF537)

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