Data | The box office of National Day is expected to recover to 80% of last year, and “Jiang Ziya” becomes the hottest movie

Data | The box office of National Day is expected to recover to 80% of last year, and “Jiang Ziya” becomes the hottest movie

Original title: Data | It is estimated that the box office of National Day can recover to 80% of last year, and “Jiang Ziya” becomes the hottest movie

Text | Li Mengyao Meng Lingxi

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Resumption of work73 Today, the film industry has ushered in this year’s National Day “big exam”. September28day, The movie “Winning the Championship” broke 200 million in 4 days and sounded 2020 The National Day file is a hot horn. As the first long holiday after the resumption of work, what will happen to the box office of the 8-day Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday?

According to the lighthouse professional version data, as of September 30day21, this year’s National Day pre-sales total box office reached 3. 37 billion. Among them, the pre-sale box office on the first day of National Day exceeds 2.35 billion, the total number of games reached 39 Ten thousand times, average fare 40.6 yuan .

2019 year, the total box office of National Day files 44.66 100 million yuan, more than 2018Year19.08 100 million up 134%. According to the forecast of the Beacon Professional Edition, the total box office during the National Day holiday this year will reach 36 100 million, which has reached 80% of last year’s “strongest” National Day file.

As of September 30day21, the first day of the screening of “Jiang Ziya” and “My Hometown and Me” in the popular National Day movies ( 10 On the 1st of the month) the box office totaled more than 200 million, and the percentage of platoons exceeded 70%.

According to Beacon Professional Edition, as of September 30 day, “Jiang Ziya” is 1. 48 The total box office of 100 million pre-sales is ranked first among the 7 films released on the National Day file, exceeding 200 Ten thousand people said they wanted to watch it. Originally scheduled at 2020 “Jiang Ziya” for the Spring Festival file of the New Year is the second Guangguang Caitiaowu “Chinese Mythology Series” after “Nezha: The Devil Child Comes into the World”, 2019 “Nezha: The Devil Boy Comes to the World” released in the year cumulatively Box office up to 50 billion, ranked 2019 No. 1 box office in the year, Chinese film history Second at the box office.

The All-Star lineup of “My Hometown and Me” is 2019 National Day box office champion “Me and My Motherland” sister article, by Zhang Yimou Serving as director system, the current total pre-sale box office reaches 1.01 billion, ranking second. September26 Day, “My Motherland and Me” won the 35 The Best Picture of the Hundred Flowers Awards, “Nezha: The Devil Child” won the Best Screenplay Award.

Judging from the audience analysis of the professional version of the Lighthouse, “Pioneer” is more popular than other popular National Day movies. Favored by male audiences, the age distribution is also more balanced; “Win the Championship (Chinese Women’s Volleyball)” is relatively more concerned by female audiences; “Jiang Ziya” and “My Hometown and Me” are relatively more concerned by young people.

Affected by the epidemic, theaters have started in January this year 24 Closed daily 175day.July20 Since the resumption of workto September 28 day, the national cumulative box office 58.72 Billion, compared with the same period last year 129.72 100 million compared to drop by about 54 .7%. Among them, the movie“Eight Hundred”box office breakthrough 30 billion, before entering the box office of mainland China film history 10.

Since the resumption of work, the attendance limit of theaters has been reduced from July 30% increased to August 50%, and since September 25 will be increased to 75%. The show starts in July 20 13,000 times a day to September 28 Daily 26. 50,000 times, the average ticket price is also rising, from 25.6 yuan rose to 37.5 yuan, an increase of about 46%, and exceed the same period last year. At the beginning of the resumption of work, many theaters offered different levels of ticket discounts, and local governments also introduced corresponding policy subsidies to jointly promote the recovery of the film market. Among them, August 25 SundayTanabatabox office on the day of 5.27 billion, the highest single-day box office this year to the present. September 1 to September 28 day, the cumulative total box office reached 22.54 billion, for the same period last year The near 87%. According to Orient Securities analysis, as of September 30 Day, the whole country 9976 Home theaters resume work, with a return rate of 87.92%.

Nearly 90% of theaters have resumed work, and the attendance limit has been increased to 75%, can the 8-day holiday of Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day help the film industry recover?

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