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The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council will hold a routine in Beijing on September 30 Press conference. When introducing the results of the 12th Straits Forum, the spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, Ma Xiaoguang, said that despite all the obstacles of the DPP authorities and the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the forum was held smoothly, and a large number of Taiwan compatriots actively participated in various activities. People on both sides of the Taiwan Strait have a sincere and strong willingness to communicate, and no force can stop it.

The Straits Forum has achieved remarkable results

Ma Xiaoguang said that the main results of this forum are reflected in the following four aspects: First, the forum brought together compatriots on both sides of the strait to participate in the grand event, becoming the largest non-governmental exchange “large stage” under special circumstances. According to incomplete statistics, about 2000 Taiwan compatriots participated in various activities of the forum, and 90,000 Taiwanese Taiwanese The online viewing of the forum has become the largest cross-strait exchange event with the largest number of participants since the outbreak of the epidemic this year.

The second is the forum’s innovative online and offline communication mode, entering the “cloud era” of cross-strait exchanges. This forum widely used new media and new technologies to break through the unfavorable factors caused by the epidemic and human obstruction, 46 In a series of activities, the combination of online and offline activities reached 34field. Youths on both sides of the strait collided with the sparks of wisdom through the “cloud debate”, “online knowledge contest”, and “creative PK on the cloud”; cross-strait “cloud sacrificial”, “cloud evening show”, “cloud exhibition” and other cultural activities are rich and colorful; cross-strait people from “face to face” to ” “Screen to screen”, “cloud signing”, “cloud recruitment”, and “live delivery with goods” stimulated the passion for cooperation and development.

Third, the forum promotes the “cloud express” of compatriots on both sides of the strait to communicate with each other and to ride together and develop together. All walks of life on both sides of the strait, focusing on economic cooperation, cultural exchanges, youth exchanges, grassroots exchanges and other topics, jointly recalled the fight against the epidemic, promoted Chinese culture, promoted all-round development, and sought integrated development, and achieved valuable results. “Cloud Recruitment” provides 1300 multiple jobs for Taiwanese youth; “Cloud Signing” facilitates 80 Docking of multiple economic and trade projects, the total investment exceeds 30 100 million yuan (RMB, the same below); the total amount of various offline contracted projects is nearly 110 100 million yuan.

Fourth, the forum has received extensive attention and its influence has been further enhanced. Within a few days, more than 400 million video views of related activities, multiple reports 3000 on the island’s network and social media, and more than 13. 10,000.

Ma Xiaoguang also said that in September, the mainland has successively held cross-strait economic and trade exchange activities such as the Lu-Taiwan Conference, Tianjin-Taiwan Conference, and Jiangxi-Taiwan Conference. In the near future, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council will also organize economic and trade activities such as the Beijing-Taiwan Science and Technology Forum, Chongqing-Taiwan Week, Zhejiang-Taiwan Cooperation Week, and Hebei-Taiwan Conference with relevant provinces and cities to continue to promote cross-strait economic and trade cooperation and deepen cross-strait integration and development.

“92 Consensus” is not allowed to turn pages

A reporter asked that the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council recently released the “92 Consensus” series of questions and answers through the media platform, which aroused concern on the island. Regarding this, the Mainland Affairs Council of Taiwan stated, “It has never accepted any imposed political propositions and frameworks, and the ’92 Consensus’ has turned a page in cross-strait history.” What is the spokesperson’s comment?

Ma Xiaoguang said that the sky does not change, so does the Tao. As the common political basis for promoting the peaceful and stable development of cross-strait relations, it is impossible for anyone or any force to turn over the “1992 Consensus”. This is true in the past, present and future.

He also said that the historical background and specific process of the “92 Consensus” are very clear. In the consensus, both sides have stated their attitude of adhering to the one-China principle and pursuing national reunification. The main point is that both sides of the strait belong to one China and work together to seek national reunification. Regarding the political connotation of one China, the two sides set aside disputes and sought common ground while reserving differences. The “92 Consensus” was reached through equal communication and consultation between the two parties and the use of political wisdom, and was not imposed by one party on the other. The DPP authorities’ refusal to recognize the “92 Consensus” has exposed its stubborn adherence to the “one side, one country” separatist stand, attempts to undermine the fact that both sides of the strait belong to one China, and the essence of seeking “Taiwan independence.”

A reporter asked. According to news on the island, as long as you find a chairman of the SEF that is acceptable to both sides of the strait, after the US election, the two sides will have contact. Does the spokesperson have any comment on this?

Ma Xiaoguang answered a question and pointed out that you must not be misled by the so-called comments of such experts. The “92 Consensus” is the common political basis for the development of cross-strait relations and the basis for contact and interaction between the ARATS and the Taiwan Straits Foundation. With this foundation, the two sessions can resume negotiations; without this foundation, it would be useless for anyone to serve as chairman. (Reporter Jin Chen)

“People’s Daily Overseas Edition” (2020 year 10month01 Day 03 Version)

Editors in charge: Ye Zhuang, Zhang Zhen

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