The U.S. Presidential Debate Committee will revise the rules of presidential debate

   Xinhua News Agency, Washington, September 30, (Reporter Deng Xianlai and Sun Ding) The US Presidential Debate Committee 30 Day said that in view of the situation of the first debate this year, rules will be revised for subsequent debates to ensure a more orderly debate.

   The U.S. Presidential Debate Committee issued a statement on the same day that the situation of the first debate clearly indicated that additional structural regulations should be added to the format of subsequent debates to ensure more orderly discussion of related topics. The committee will carefully consider the rule revision plan and announce it soon.

  29 Tonight, Republican President Trump seeking re-election and Democratic presidential candidate Biden played their first game in Cleveland, Ohio. The presidential candidates debated on television. In about 90 minutes, the two sides discussed the nomination of the Supreme Court justice, “Obamacare”, the new crown epidemic and vaccines, economics and employment, racial issues, election fairness, etc. Debate on issues of concern and controversy.

   According to the debate rules unanimously approved by the campaign teams of both parties, the two candidates should debate on the 6 debate topics selected by the debate host, each of which lasts 15minute. The host started each session with a question, and Trump and Biden each took two minutes to answer, and then debated. The moderator tried to lead a deeper discussion.

   In the first debate, Trump kept interrupting Biden’s speech, and Biden responded with fierce words. The host repeatedly mediates the quarrel between the two to maintain order. American media and analysts generally believe that chaos is a prominent feature of the first debate.

   This year the US presidential candidates will have three televised debates. The second and third debates will be held in 10 month 15 Day and 22 Day will be held in Miami, Florida and Nashville, Tennessee.

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