Why would Americans be against universal healthcare if it covers 100 percent of medical bills? Wouldn’t that be a very good piece of mind?


Buddy just lost his job which means he lost his health insurance which means he can’t see his treating doctor for his health issue. He’s also now rationing his remaining medication. His former employer sponsored health insurance denied his COBRA application. (They knew they would have to pay out more than they would make from his premiums and denied him quickly with a lawyers packet).

He sat down with his uncle who’s an attorney, but the denial letter Aetna wrote out was written with such complex legal jargon, he couldn’t understand it.

He’s now trying to buy health insurance via marketplace, but just one month without coverage is wrecking him financially.

I asked him if there’s anyway to help, and he jokingly asked me “Do you have around 5 grand laying around for this month’s lab work?”

Why would anyone be against universal healthcare if there’s no deductibles, out of pocket expenses, copays and so on. Doesn’t that sound like a much better option than private insurance that may not help when you need it?


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