CMV: If employers expect a two week notice when employees quit, they should give the same courtesy in return when firing someone.


I’ll start off by saying I don’t mean this for major situations where someone needs to be let go right away. If someone is stealing, obviously you don’t need to give them a two week notice.

So to my point.

They always say how it’s the “professional” thing to do and you “don’t want to burn bridges” when leaving a job. They say you should give the two week notice and leave on good terms. Or that you should be as honest with your employers and give as much heads up as possible, so they can properly prepare for your replacement. I know people who’s employers have even asked for more than the two weeks so that they can train someone new.

While I don’t disagree with many of this, and do think it is the professional thing to do, I think there is some hypocrisy with this.

1) Your employers needs time to prepare for your departure. But if they want to let you go they can fire you on the spot, leaving you scrambling for a job.

2) The employer can ask you to stay a bit longer if possible to train someone, but you don’t really get the chance to ask for a courtesy two weeks.

3) It puts the importance of a company over the employee. It’s saying that employee should be held to a higher standard than an employer. As an employee you should be looking out for the better of this company, and be a “team player”.

Sometimes there are situations where giving a two week notice isn’t needed. If you have a terrible employer who you don’t think treats you fairly, why do you need the two week notice? If you feel unappreciated and disrespected, why is it rude to not give a notice?

If that’s the case then why do people not say the same about employers firing people with no notice? How come that’s not rude and unprofessional? Why is that seen as a business move, but giving no notice of quitting is seen as unprofessional?

If we’re holding employees to a standard, we should hold companies to the same standards.

EDIT: Thank you for all the responses, I didn’t think this would get this large. Clearly, I can’t respond to 800 plus comments. I understand everyone’s comments regarding safety and that’s a valid point. Just to be clear I am not in favor of terminating an employee that you think will cause harm, and giving them two weeks to continue working. I think a severance is fair, as others have mentioned it is how it is in their country. However I agree with the safety issue and why you wouldn’t give the notice. I was more so arguing that if you expect a notice, you need to give something similar in return.


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