How do I (M21) survive my girlfriend (F19) leaving me for another more successfull guy?


My girlfriend left me two days after our 2 year anniversary, for another guy she met on a familiy vacation. I wasn’t expecting it, she got over me so freaking fast and I was just left broken. Sometimes shit happens you couldn’t see coming. It knocks you into a different life, and this is one of those times. What’s even worse is that she immediately started dating this other guy (M22), who comes from a rich family and owns two startup companies, while I’m still struggling in school and through jobs to make something out of myself. How do I take this hit? I feel like the biggest looser in the world right now and my self-esteem is the worst. I don’t even value myself anymore and I know that I will need a lot of luck and hard work and many years to come even close to this guy..
EDIT: Wow this post blew up while I was asleep. I want to thank everyone for your comments and excuse me if I won’t be able to answer all of you.
I see a lot of comments saying that she was a gold digger so; FULL STORY BELOW ⬇️⬇️

When my GF came back from the family vacation where she met this other guy, she was all lost and confused. She told me what happened and that she really connected with that guy beacuse of how she could talk to him for hours. They even stayed up untill 7am in the morning, supposedly “talking”. She was literally deciding between me and him for a week until I couldn’t take it anymore and lost my shit and dumped her. But no, she came to my house 15min later, apologizing, telling me how she made a mistake and that everything will be okay, she will stay with me. Ok, I said I will let it slide cause I know she’s young and young people do dumb shit. However she was not over hum. In this time she visited this guy’s house ( he lives an hour drive away from her ), and went to talk to him and when I called her at 22pm to ask her where the hell is she, she told me she was watching a movie with him in his office. I was nervous AF. I let that slide as well. Then, her and her friends went on a little trip to the sea since it was still summertime. When she came back, she told me that that guy has a house in the area her and the girls were staying and that she had visited him in the evening again, so that they could go on a walk and talk … All this time she was assuring me that nothing happened more than talking, and I believed her. She came to the conclusion that she does need time for “herself to think” so I decide to give her space. One week goes by, we see eachother again at my friend’s party and we hook up, she confesses that she want to be with me. Me being a idiot, decide to give her a chance and I spend every day trying to prove to her that what we have is special and I am an amazing boyfriend. She was treating me like shit in return and I still couldn’t notice all the red flags. I started becoming suspicius beacuse she was acting weird and she was still following this other guy on instagram and she couldn’t let go of him I guess. But I thought things were normal again. Then one day, her sister is having a birthday party at home and all family memebers come to gather. I get along with them great so it was a fun day. At the end of the day, my gf says that she needs to take a walk, and I join her. While we were walking, she bursts into teats, saying how she is breaking up with me and the reason was “I don’t have the same feelings I had for you when we first started dating”. Bullshit. She made me promise her that I will always love her and that I will come and find her a year from now so we can continue. She even invited me to her place after a walk and cuddled with me, saying everything will be alright and when I had to leave since it was late, and I have turned around one last time to say goodbye … she was standing at the door saying “hey, it’s not over between us”. So I leave happy, thinking all is well. And that was the last time I saw her. It’s been a month now and I am devastated. I can’t work, concentrate, think… My whole world collapsed since I was so in love with her and I did’t do anything so wrong. I did call her 2 weeks after she left, asking if we could at least talk so I can say what I have to say and she didn’t allow me. She told me that I can’t call her at all for a few years. That’s the last time I’ve been in any sort of contact with her.
EDIT 2: Some of you have been asking about her and me. So I wasn’t perfect ofcourse. My confidence was low, I kept on “crying” to her for stupid shit that was going on with my fucked up family and we were both under stress cause of covid situation and school. She had always been a very loving and loyal person, that is why I believed her that nothing happened with that guy, at least not physically. So I understand that she just found a better guy at just the right time when our relationship was “vulnerable”. For example, we couldn’t stay out all night cause of her parents but when she was on a vacation, she could stay out all night with that guy cause you know “no rules on vacation”.


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