Camel Audio Alchemy


Camel Audio Alchemy

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Camel Audio Alchemy: is a Truly original and innovative software is a rare thing these days, but Camel Audio’s latest is exactly that. Let’s find out what it is that sets Alchemy apart from the soft-synth crowd.

  • The most comprehensive sample‑manipulation engine ever found in any VST Instrument.
  • One of the easiest to use interfaces I’ve seen in a long time, with versatile control options for live performance.
  • A treasure‑house of new sound possibilities for the sonic explorer.
  • Incredibly easy to import and treat your own samples.

Alchemy is a sample-manipulator’s wet dream, providing a wide range of synthesis and resynthesis engines and massive modulation potential, yet one of the most approachable interfaces I’ve ever used. I haven’t had so much fun for ages!


file Size : 26.7 MB



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