IK Multimedia T-RackS 5


IK Multimedia T-RackS

Close your eyes and picture a store full of cool, powerful processing gear such as compressors, limiters, reverbs, de-essers, multiband processors, and a shelf full of vintage, legendary equipment emulations. In short, a dream store for recording musicians, engineers and producers.

– 4 new processors available for separate purchase: Master Match, Dyna-Mu, ONE, EQual
– Resizable*, redesigned interface and plugin GUIs
– Expandable broadcast-ready metering suite*
– Floating meters option*
– Chains of up to 16 processors
– Album Assembly section with waveform editing and metadata*
– Enhanced audio engine
– Up to 192 kHz/32-bit floating point*
– 4 dithering algorithms
– Equal gain option*
– Signature presets from the industry’s top engineers*

file Size: 959 MB For Windows Format

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IK Multimedia T-RackS


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